Saturday, August 22, 2009

My new cutting machine & need your advice

My QuicKutz Silhouette arrived this weekend. I just tried it out and I love it. I am thinking this just might replace my cricket. I love the fact that I can connect it to the computer to manipulate its size and shapes.

BTW, I need your advice. If anyone is reading this post, can you leave me a comment regarding a good color printer for digital scrapbooking. This means the color ink has to be reasonably priced. I am willing to pay a higher price for the printer if it will save me money on the ink in the long run. Thanks.

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  1. oooh!! I just ordered the Silhouette too! Should be here anyday and I can't wait to try it out!!

    As for a printer...I have a HP Photosmart 3-in-1 that I bought at Costco just before Dean was born (so around November 2006) and it's still working great!! The inks seem to last long time for me and I like that I just replace the individual colors as they run out - I seem to run out of yellow and light blue the fastest. I usually try to order my inks on e-bay and buy them in bulk (Costco doesn't ever have them anymore). The color inks are about $12 each at Officemax I think. I print A LOT of digi papers to do my hybrid stuff and I generally have to replace 1-2 color cartridges about every other month. That seems pretty reasonable to me considering how much printing I do!! If I remember to order ahead of time on e-bay I can usually get the color cartridges for around $8 each. Black is more expensive because it's a lot bigger, but I've only had to replace my black cartridge once in the last year.

    Call or e-mail me anytime if you have digi questions!!


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