Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! - Halloween Goodie bags

I made a few Halloween goodie bags for other children at my son's sitter's.  I filled each bag with a bag of veggie chip, chocolate milk, soda crackers, and fruit roll up.  For my daughter, I made a small goodie bag (clear plastic) with a Halloween tag and filled it with a juice pouch and a rainbow goldfish for her preschool friends.  No pix, however.  BTW, I absolutely love "old olive" and " pumpkin pie."  Don't you?

Here are a few of the Halloween craft my daughter received from her friends at her preschool.  One of the mothers must be a crafter. Look at all these!


  1. wow! don't you just love those crafty moms? it's almost as though the goodies are for you! love the bags that you made!


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