Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happys Mother's Day

This morning my daughter tells me "Happy smothers day!" It was just so cute. I knew what she meant but I could resist asking her to repeat. When she said it slowly I learned that she was actually saying "Happys Mothers day." I guess in her little world, everything sort of rhymes.

My husband brought me some take outs (I did not want to go out since my mouth was still swollen from crown lengthening done on Friday) and an ice cream cake. He loves surprising me. I think it really makes him happy. He also got me couple of really cute cards. In the Snoopy card which Anica picked out (She loves Peanuts), Anica wrote her name all by herself and started writing "LOVE" (I am assuming) but stopped after LO. I love you too my little girl. I am so blessed. To all mothers, "Happys Mothers Day" to you.


  1. I found you!! Cute blog! I'm adding you to my Google Reader now and once I finally update my "favorite blogs" on my sidebar I'll be adding you to it! My blog is doing weird things because my images are hosted through photobucket and their site is down. So frustrating. Anyway, So cute your Mother's Day!! (much more pleasant than mine!! ha!). We should get together and be crafty some day!

  2. Man, I really hope this is you or someone is going to think I'm really weird.


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