Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Magnetic Calendar Project

I received a magnetic calendar from Jeannie and thought maybe I could make it (see above). Only thing was that I did not know where to purchase the big sheet magnet that she used on the back. I went to Ben Franklin but they had really tiny ones and they were quite expensive. My husband who went to the mall with me asked why I wanted magnets. I explained and he told me I could use those magnet sheets people give out to advertise their business. I had at least five already stuck to my refrigerator door. I got couple more from the cover of the phone book.

See my project above. For direction see previous blog. It's simpler than Jeannie's. I baked some cookies and place the calendar and a bag of cookies in a clean white bag for Christmas. This project was so much simpler than the first calendar project.

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