Thursday, November 13, 2008

Surprise Baby Shower at Maui Dunes

I thought I was having a brunch with Sande at Maui Dunes (11.11.08 @11pm) before giving birth but it turned out to be a surprise baby shower. Oh, my! I could not believe it. I know I am little slow but I was totally clueless. I thought baby showers were only for the first baby so I did not expect it at all. Kim, JoAnn, Lynette, Harriet, Donna, Charlotte W., Joyce M., Cecelia, Sandy, Helen, and Sande were there welcoming me into another phase of motherhood.

We played shower games (they even prepared prizes for the games); talk stories; ate delicious food; and opened up shower gifts. Shower games were so creative and so were the shower gifts. But what else can you expect from a bunch of stampin' up people?

Some of the shower games we played were: Guess what's in the jar? (we had to guess what kind of baby food was in the jar); clothespin game (we could not say the word "baby"), word scramble (related to baby and delivery); Babies A-Z (write a word associated with pregnancy, delivery or babies for each letter of the alphabet from ; dodo diaper game (we had to guess what kind of chocolate was in the diaper); number of m&m's in the jar; making up as many words as we could using letters in our baby's name (kind of like the game Boggle); and a scavenger hunt (what's in our purse).

What a special day! Oh, I have to share some of the handmade shower cards I received as well. See the pictures. Aren't they adorable? I am going to put all of the shower cards (and tags) in baby's keepsakes box for now and will incorporate some of them into baby's scrapbook later. I am keeping all the gift bags too. They were incredibly adorable.

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