Tuesday, October 28, 2008

CTMH From Me to You Cards

Even after a year of attending Stampin' Up parties every month, I really did not get into paper crafting. It was fun to learn but that was about it. I bought (more like collected) some basic paper crafting items that I thought I might need and kept them well stored. I did attempt to make tags for "Cookie in a Jar" gifts for last Christmas and a few Christmas cards with the new Stampin' Up Christmas stamp set I had purchased last year.

Then I met Jeannie, a CTMH (close to my heart) consultant, who hosted a 50 cards making workshop. Fifty cards!?! What? I wondered how anyone can make that many cards in that short amount of time (3 hours). She made card-making so simple and the cards were very nice as well. I felt encouraged. Hey, maybe I can do it with the little time I have. I am more or less done with the fifty cards - actually I am leaving some undone to use it for any occasion.

After that inspirational session, I purchased CTMH "From Me to You Card" Kit. I wish I had bought like ten of them. The stamp set is really pretty and the completed cards are very nice too. Yes, I did complete them!!! See the picture. Many of these cards use distressed (sanded down) textured papers. Aren't they pretty? Yes, I love that big flower stamp too.

I think I will take them to DKG auction this Saturday!

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